The Best Range Bags for your Shooting Gear

Basically, if you love going down the shooting range then you need to have the best range bags to accommodate your gear. These bags are tailor made to carry your guns, accessories and ammo. But how do know if a said range bag is actually a good one?

How to Choose the Best Range Bags

The most important aspect of a range bag is its carrying capacity. This means that the first thing you need to look for would be the pockets and compartments. Can it carry your guns with ease? You should also check to see if there is ammo compartment and several extra pockets for accessories such as your tactical eyewear, hearing protection and maintenance tools. It should also have compartments for your spotter scope, holsters, electronic calipers (measures accuracy) and targets. What you need is a range bag that carries everything you need and anything you will ever need.

Of course, the next crucial factor to consider is the build quality We are not only talking about the quality of the fabric here, we are talking about every aspect of the range bag from the exterior, interior, stitching and zipper. We have experienced range bags that are as durable as they come but the zippers were quite lackluster and easily broke after a couple of uses. For the construction, look for range bags that features 600 denier polyester materials.

If you are a gun enthusiast and often goes to gun ranges then investing in a high quality range bags is worth every penny. To help you shorten the list of possible range bags, we have compiled the best range bags in the market at this moment based on their price, quality and customer feedback. Check out our list below.

The Best Range Bags — Top 5

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag – $46.21

explorer tactical best range bagThe Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a perfect example of what makes a great range bag. It is sturdy, has lots of compartment for all your gear and designed to perfectly distribute weight throughout the bag. This range bag features 600 denier polyester materials which excel in durability and its ability to handle excessive weight without tearing.

The 7 ammo pouches in this range bag are located at the front and an extra 4 more in the back. You will have all the ammunition you need when on the range.  The interior features an adjustable partition to let you organize the contents to your liking. It also includes 2 zipper handgun holsters with a size dimension of 13.5” x 1” x 7.5”. The range bag itself has an exterior dimension of 18”x 14” x 10” with the interior having 13.5” 1”x 7.5” dimensions, more than enough to accommodate your gun and other vital accessories.

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Blackhawk Pistol Range Bag Sportster – $29.97

blackhawk pistol best range bagsThe Blackhawk Pistol Range Bag is a simple yet highly effective bag to bring when going to the shooting range. Its durability is without question as it also features the use of durable 600 denier polyester material. This material can easily withstand tears and heavy duty use; you are guaranteed a long lasting range bag with this one.

As for the compartments, this range bag comes with the basics. It has 2 exterior slash pockets to hold magazines and other small items. The zippers are high quality as well. It uses coil zippers that are self healing so no need to fret of it breaking down at inopportune moments. The range bag features wraparound tactical web handles for added comfort when caring and the bag itself uses heavy duty MOLLE webbing. The Blackhawk Pistol Range Bag has a dimension of 16” x 8” x 9”.

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Explorer Rangemaster Gear Bag – $67.95

The Explorer Rangemaster Gear Bag is a hybrid design that utilizes the backpack as well as the standard range bag design. The backpack is a good choice if you are carrying a bit more than usual as it will balance out the weight throughout your body. This range bag is made of 100% polyester material.

As for the compartment area of this range bag it comes fully loaded with pockets and pouches. The 9 pockets that has a 6 clip magazine holder is amazing and will allow you to just bring as much as ammo as you please when going to the shooting range. It also has 8 Velcro dividers for the interior compartment to allow you better customization of the contents inside.

A welcome addition to the overall design is its inclusion of outdoor features, mainly the water bladder compartment that can hold 3 liters of water. Another subtle but great feature are the 4 supports at the bottom of the bag which helps counteract the weight of the contents and help even it out.

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Explorer Deluxe Tactical Range Bag – $47.97

You might have noticed by now that Explorer seems to make up most of the products in this list which is really no surprise as they have made quite a reputation of producing the best range bags in the market today. This range bag also uses a 600 denier polyester material that ensures this bag will have longevity on its side. The material can also support the weight of a fully packed range bag without trouble.

It features 7 magazine pouches that is located on the front and an extra 4 more in the back. As with other Explorer range bags, this one also has a fully adjustable and customizable interior partition to help you organize your gear as you see fit. It includes 2 zipper handgun holsters as well. This range bag has a dimension of 18” x 14” x 10”.

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G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack – $98.94

The GPS handgunner Backpack is a great way to bring your collection of pistols to the gun range. This range bag is designed to accommodate several handguns perfectly, 4 in fact. It is also well made and ensures that you guns are well protected inside.

It uses high density foam in its storage cradles which helps separate your accessories and guns and preventing any scratches. This range bag is designed for optimum protection of all its contents. It can carry up to 12 magazines and have enough space for all your extra accessories such as hearing protection and tactical eyewear to name a few.

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These are the best range bags in the market today. Remember that these are essential for those who love going to the range. Don’t settle for a standard bag as it will leave your equipment in a cluttered mess. Range bags are designed to accommodate every single important tool used in a shooting range so best if you invest in one.

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