The Best Tactical Watch

A tactical watch is a highly specialized watch that is designed for use of military personnel during missions as well as extreme sports athletes. These watches incorporate several functionalities that are not available in your ordinary wrist watch. While there is no such thing as the perfect tactical watches, as each individual will have different uses for the device, we will first tackle the essential features one will need with the best tactical watch.

Below are the important factors you must consider before purchasing a tactical watch.


Tactical watches will primarily be used outdoors so durability of both the device and the glass is vital. A scratch resistant tactical watch should be the first factor you look for when choosing. As this will be used mostly outdoors and maybe even run through some tough terrain, it is important that it will be able to withstand everything the natural elements can throw at it. The last thing you need is for your tactical watch to malfunction at crucial times. Durability is one of the most important traits of the best tactical watch.

Skip Mechanical Tactical Watches

Mechanical watches are less accurate than digital or quartz based ones. They also need to be re-adjusted every two weeks to ensure that they stay precise. Another point of avoiding mechanical based tactical watches is that they are prone to malfunctioning from heat and shocks.

Pick a Tactical Watch with Luminescent Hands

Look for tactical watches that have luminescent hands and do not require a button to turn on its lights. Several outdoor activities such as extreme sports or military or security forces will need both hands at the ready. Sometimes you may not even be able to use your other hand to check your watch. You need something that readily displays the time and other details in the dark when you need it. This is another important factor of a best tactical watch.

Pick one that offers at least 10ATM when it comes to Water and Pressure Resistance

The rule of thumb here is that the higher the ATM (atmosphere) ratings of the tactical watch the better. Simply put, the higher this rating is the less you need to worry about water or if you accidentally step on your tactical watch.

Thos are that basic factors that you should take into account when choosing the best tactical watch. To further help you in this regard, we have compiled a list of the highest rated tactical watch today.

The Best Tactical Watches — Top 5

GARMIN Tactix GPS Navigator

best tactical watch garminThe GARMIN Tactix GPS Navigator utilizes a highly accurate GPS alongside an automatically calibrating barometer, altimeter and a 3 axis compass. The screen is also scratch resistant and uses a curved lens that helps prevent it from producing reflection from the sun, a handy feature if you are looking for stealth. It has a solid all around design that keeps comfort high and the easy to navigate features will keep your focus where it is needed.

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Timex T49612 Expedition Trail Series Watch

best tactical watch timexThe Timex Expedition Trail Series is chock full of features but maintains a user friendly interface to make navigating through applications a breeze. It is also one of the best tactical watches around and will withstand getting dunked in the water or going through bumps and bruises and coming out without a single scratch. This is a great tactical watch for use both in night and day as the night light gives you a clear display of time and location.

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Armitron Sports Digital Watch

If you are looking for an all around tactical watch then the Armitron offers just about what you need. It can be used as both a military watch or as a simple civilian watch. It also features a second time zone option which will display the exact time from a different time zone, perfect for those who are on a vacation or in a military outfit. The watch is also quite visible in the dark even when the light on button is not pressed. This tactical watch is another user friendly device that comes packed with all the features you need while being accessible to everyone.

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Casio G Shock Military Watch GD100-1B

best tactical watch casio gshockThe Casio G Shock watch is a beast. It has a 200ATM rating and features durable construction and a slew of vital features to keep you well aware of your location and time. It has multiple time zone option that lets you look save time zone from different areas. It is also east to operate and also adds an automatic backlight for when you are trekking or operating at night. This is one heavy duty tactical watch that is sure to end in the entire best tactical watch list.

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Luminox LM8822 Quartz Tactical Watch

The Luminox is a Swiss made tactical watch that features an elegant yet rugged design that will surely make it fit for all occasions. Whether you are on the dusty trail, trekking through the wilderness or simply enjoying the company of friends and family, this watch is perfect for every event. It is extremely sturdy and is designed to be used under intense stress. The quartz based movement makes it precise all the time and it has a water resistance of up to 660 feet. This is quite the epitome when you say best tactical watch.

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Tactical watches are essential tools for outdoor lovers and those in the military. It keeps them oriented in a foreign landscape and helps them keep track of time. These watches are built to last and deliver dependable information when you need it. Be sure to only use the best tactical watch to prevent any miscalculation and to also ensure your safety.

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