The Best Tactical Folding Knife

Tactical folding knives are gaining popularity today and that is all thanks to its versatility in terms of use and toughness. What makes a knife tactical though? You can be forgiven for thinking that pocket knives and tactical knives are the same thing. That is why we are here to give you a rundown at what a […]


The Best Combat Knife

A combat knife is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cutting tool. The best combat knife is designed and developed using top of the line technology to give it extreme durability as well as other design features that enhances its overall quality. It is one of the most essential self-defense tools available.  Before we look at five of […]

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The Best Throwing Knives

Using throwing knives needs an expert level skill to accomplish perfectly as it is not as easy as it may sound. It requires practice to have your throwing knives actually stick to your intended target. In this regard, if you are just a beginner then it is highly suggested that you start off with cheap throwing knives as […]


The Best Tactical Tomahawk

Planning on taking a camping trip in the great outdoors? An essential too that you should think about bringing along is the tactical tomahawk. At first glance, this intimidating Native American type small axe seems for fit for the battlefield but there is a reason it stayed relevant up to this day for campers, hunters and hikers. Getting […]

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The Best Tactical Knife – 5 choices

Tactical knives are essentially high grade cutting tools for extreme situations where durability and sharpness is the key. We will list down the current best tactical knife in the market today that features additional functions ideal for survival and camping trips. For now, let us discuss what makes a tactical knife what it is. The Design A tactical […]