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The Best Paracord – 5 Recomendations

Paracords are highly versatile ropes made of nylon that is often used by military or emergency personnel. The high strength and durability of these cords gives it many uses both for indoor and outdoor use. So how do you choose the best paracord?

Tips when Choosing a Paracord

The most important factor that you should consider when choosing a paracord is for what purpose you need it for. You will notice that there are numbers on each paracord (i.e 550, 230, etc.).  These numbers represent the weight that these cords can support. A 550 paracord means it can support weight of up to 550 lbs.

If you are looking for a heavy duty paracord for tough jobs then get a 550 paracord or higher. However, be aware that these cords still have limits and if you use it on anything heavier it might snap. You have to be completely aware of the weight it will need to support and use the appropriate paracord to avoid problems.

There are different types of paracords as well.

Type I Paracord

These are extremely affordable and the most common type you would see in hardware stores. They are mostly used for dummy cording and decorative uses. They can only support up to 95 lbs of weight and is not ideal for heavy duty work.

Type II Paracord

Pretty hard to find and can support up to 400 lbs. We suggest ignoring this and go straight to the Type III paracord instead.

Type III Paracord

This is another common paracord that you can buy in almost any hardware store. They can support up to 550 lbs. and can be used for most survival and outdoor activities. This is an extremely versatile paracord that you can use for almost anything.

Type IV Paracord

This is the most expensive paracord available and can be double the price of a Type III paracord. They can support up to 750 lbs and is definitely ideal for those looking for an extremely durable cord.

These are the basic important factors when it comes to paracords. Knowing the difference between the types and knowing what and where you will use it for will help you narrow down your choices.  To further help your selection, we have listed below the best paracords on the market today.

The Best Paracord – 5 Recommendations

Paracord Planet Type III Paracord Combo – $16.99

paracord planet best paracord type 3This is your standard 550 lbs. cord and comes in 7 color varieties. This multipurpose paracord can be used for outdoor activities or for arts and crafts. It is durable, lightweight and is resistant to mildew and rot which boosts its uses and longevity.

If you are looking for a paracord that comes in a variety of color and style then the Paracord Planet Type III Combo is the item for you.

Buy Paracord Planet Type III Paracord Combo here!


Tough-Grid Type IV Paracord – $9.47 to $124.47

tough grid type 4 paracordIf you ever need a paracord that is tougher than the standard Type III then the Type IV paracord is the one for you. This one is also quite affordable and can support up to 750 lbs. of weight. It features tripe strand construction and is 1/32” thicker than the standard 550 paracord. It is made from high grade nylon and is never spliced so you are guaranteed that the full length of the cord is continuous.

This is great for heavy duty use but is also ideal for other outdoor activities such as camping. It can be used for survival or for other leisure activities. You can choose between 50 to 1000 feet cords.

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Rothco Nylon Type III Paracord – $7.55

rothco nylon paracord type 3 best paracordRothco has always manufactured some high quality outdoor equipment and their Type III nylon keeps up that reputation. This paracord can carry up to 550 lbs. and is made from 100% high quality and durable nylon material. The cord has a length of 100 feet and can be used for almost any outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

This product has also been certified by the US government and is guaranteed to not only be well made but also reliable in survival situations.

Buy Rothco Nylon Type III Paracord here!


MilSpec Survival Paracord – $9.45 to $129.97

The MilSpec Survival Paracord is available in both type III and type IV variations. It also comes with two eBooks that will be sent to your via email after purchase. This is an extremely durable and sturdy paracord that has been used by both military personnel and civilians.

It utilizes about 8 to 11 inner strands and has a diameter of 1/8”. This paracord’s specs completely blows most of the competition out of the water as it is made to meet the standard for military grade use. It is resistant to rot and mildew and has high resistance to abrasion and deterioration over time. It even comes with a 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.

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Titan MilSpec Paracord – $17.99

The Titan Paracord Type III is actually stronger than your standard Type III models. It’s rated at over 620 lbs. while the standard ones come in at 550 lbs. This is a perfect cord for all uses from camping, hunting, emergency and even crafting projects; the Titan MilSpec Paracord will deliver the versatility you need to accomplish your goal.

This paracord has a length of 100 feet and is as rugged and durable as they come. It is quite resistant to abrasion and rot and mildew proof as well.

It is easily one of the best paracords on the market, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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Whether you are going on a camping trip, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting or military operation, having the best paracord at your disposal is a must. It has many uses that will surely save you time and maybe even your life.

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