The Best Tactical Jacket

Tactical jackets are complete different their ordinary counterparts. They are designed to be completely functional and practical depending on what type of terrain and climate that specific tactical jacket is made for. This also means that there are several types of tactical jackets out there to choose from so if you are interested to buy one it is best to be well-informed from the get go when looking for the best tactical jacket for you.

How to Choose the Correct Tactical Jacket

Before going out and buying a tactical jacket you should know that there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase. Below will be a list of these factors as well as a brief explanation of each.


This is the most important factor to look for when it comes to a tactical jacket. Ask yourself where you are going to use it in. Will you be trekking through hot and arid areas? Will you be going to a place where thunderstorms are regular or will you be facing off against freezing wind and snow? There are different tactical jackets that are made specifically for different types of climate.


This is another important factor especially once you are already wearing the tactical jacket in the field. It is expected that tactical jackets that are designed for colder weather would feel bulky and heavy to help maintain your body temperature. This might also mean that it would severely hamper your movement. Add to the fact that you will most likely be bringing equipment and you are looking for an extremely tiring ordeal. The next thing you should do is to learn about the type of terrain you are facing. If you are looking at a dense forest then try picking a tactical jacket that hugs to the body. This will allow you more mobility. The best tactical jacket should also allow you quick access to your gear so pick one that uses breakaway, flaps and releases with its pouches.


The last factor to consider but is just as important as the rest is the aesthetics of the tactical jacket. Make sure that the color of the jacket fits the uniform rules and regulation of your department. Practicality-wise, you can also choose tactical jackets that have camouflage print. Pick the appropriate one depending on the area you will be using it on in order to help you blend to the surrounding effortlessly.

Now that we have pointed out the important factors in choosing the best tactical jacket, here are five of the top choices on the market today.

The Best Tactical Jacket — Top 5

5.11 Tactical Jacket 5 in 1

5.11 have always been at the forefront as an outdoor gear manufacturing company. The 5.11 5 in 1 tactical jacket is just what it says it is and is a practical outdoor jacket that delivers mobility, comfort and protection. It features high quality waterproof and breathable outer liner.

It also has the removable sleeve that is located within the inner fleece jacket which makes it ideal for both and cold and warmer climates. As for pockets, it comes with several pouches along with a hidden chest document pocket. In terms of comfort, this tactical jacket is quite amazing and the backup belt system feature is a nice touch as well.

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Condor Men’s Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

This tactical jacket by Condor is made of 100% polyester material for additional durability and comfort. It uses 4 way high density elastic fabrics with polyurethane membrane and a laminated spandex/polyester interior layer.

As for its LBE (load bearing equipment) it comes with 2 internal pockets, 2 shoulder pockets, a forearm pocket and a double zipper back pocket. It also utilizes abrasion resistant elbow padding for enhanced protection and longevity.

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Gadsden and Culpeper Men’s Condor Tactical Jacket

This tactical jacket incorporates the use of fleece material and abrasion resistant collar, shoulder and forearm padding. The exterior uses polyester fleece with mesh lining and oxford reinforcements. It also has an extendable sleeve of up to 2 inches that comes with a thumb hole.

As for the pockets, it is equipped with a vertical chest pocket, shoulder pockets and 2 hand pouches. The 2 shoulder patch panels use Velcro loop for use with tactical patches.

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Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

The Rothco Special Ops Tactical Jacket is another that uses 100% polyester construction. It is a highly versatile jacket that is designed as a 3 season jacket and is ideal for almost any weather. The fleece lined collar comes with a detachable hood.

This tactical jacket uses a 3 layer construction that is designed to be waterproof, insulated and is aerodynamic for optimum mobility. The Rothco Special Ops is a remarkable tactical jacket designed to be reliable in all occasions.

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Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

Comfort and mobility is where the Maelstrom TAC PRO excels at and it is quite easy to see why with the quality of the materials and construction. The exterior uses a 3 layer construction that gives the jacket great insulation, waterproofing and fantastic wind deflecting capabilities. It is all well made and guaranteed to be as durable as they come.

It features zippered pockets which are located on the left forearm, shoulder pockets on each arm, 2 front slash, a zippered chest pocket and 2 rear pockets with mesh interior. It comes in coyote brown, olive drab and black.

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Having the best tactical jacket is a great way to make your outdoor experience a highly comfortable one. Tactical jackets come in many shapes and sizes so you are guaranteed that you will find the one that will fit all your needs. Use this as a guideline to help narrow down your choices of tactical jacket.

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