The Best Stun Gun for Self Defense

As the times today is definitely not getting any safer, especially in certain areas, it is wise to have the best stun gun in your hand when the need arises. Stun guns can be used by both civilian and law enforcement personnel as a means of non-lethal self defense. Before buying one there are several factors you should be aware of.

What to Look for When Buying a Stun Gun


If you want a stun gun that can immobilize a threat as quickly as possible and as long as possible, then you should look for a stun gun that has high voltage output. Anything above 800,000 volts will have amazing stopping power that will knock down any threat down in an instant.

The Design

Stun guns have evolved from having their standard design to now being available in various shapes and sizes. If you want misdirection then you can choose from a variety of stun gun designs ranging from those that look like pen, cell phones and even flashlights. There are even brass knuckle style stun guns that deliver amazing stopping power with each hit. Remember to take the reach in mind as well as you would want something that would keep as much distance between you and the assailant.


The new model of stun guns now include additional features that will be extremely helpful for survival as well as your safety. There are stun guns that include flashlights that shine extremely intense beams of light that can stun an attacker from a distance long enough for you to either make your escape or hit them with a couple hundred thousand bolts of electricity. There are also stun guns that feature loud alarms that you can activate to alert the entire neighborhood.

Another great safety measure feature is the disable pin which allows you to shut off the stun gun in the instance that the assailant is able to take it away from you. This prevents the stun gun being used against you.

Finally, you should look for a stun gun that has a rechargeable battery. The standard instruction is 8 hours every 2 months to have full charge and at the ready. Some will also include a manufacturer’s warranty so keep an eye on those as well.

Now that we have tackled the factors of what makes a best stun gun, we have compiled a simple list below of the top rated in the market for your reference to help you narrow down your shortlist.

Best Stun Gun Reviews – Top 4

Police Mini Metal Flashlight Stun Gun – $10.99

This one is a more traditional stun gun. It features a 300 lumen rating tactical flash light that can help stun assailants for a moment and let you hit them with the stun gun itself. This is designed to meet the standards of security, police and military personnel but is now available for use for civilians.

It utilizes type 3 aircraft grade aluminum alloy that also uses an anti-roll design. The light bulb used in the tactical flashlight feature has a 100,000 hour longevity rating. This stun gun uses rechargeable batteries so no need to purchase new ones every time it gets drained. The Police Stun Gun comes at a 6.75” in length.

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Stuns R Us Police Metal Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun – $21.49

This one has absolute stopping power with a 45 million volt charge per hit. You are guaranteed that the threat will be neutralized in an instant the moment you hit them with this bad boy. It comes with an additional security feature such as the tactical flashlight that can blind threats as well as illuminate the area perfectly.

The stun gun also uses military grade material alloy that can handle heavy duty use and impacts. The product also comes with a 5 year warranty which is a nice touch.


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Streetwise Sting Ring – $20.98

streetwise stingring best stun gunThis self defense tool is quite easy to carry and conceal which is great for when you need to defend yourself as the assailant would most likely not see this one coming. This is one of the best stun gun models today that incorporate a modern design. It is easy to use and can be used even when in a full on panic mode. You can trigger the shock by simply squeezing a trigger concealed within the ring.

Speaking of being concealed, it is small enough to be hidden in your hand which is one of the most important aspects of a self defense tool, something that can stop an assailant dead on their tracks without them ever seeing it coming. The design also makes this compact and lightweight, you can bring it anywhere without it being visible. It also features a safety switch for added safety for the user so that they can avoid accidentally triggering it.

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Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun – $30.62

vipertek best stun gunThis is a highly powerful stun gun that can deliver up to 25,000,000 volts to a target. More than enough to knock him down and keep him incapacitated for a while. A nice feature here is the shock plates located at the sides of the tip. If an assailant tries to grab it from you, you can still drop them down as the Vipertek produces shocks not only from the front tip but at the sides as well.

The Vipertek mini stun gun measures in at 6.5” x 2” x 1” and is small enough to be concealed easily. It uses internal rechargeable batteries so no need to purchase new ones when the power runs out. The sharp electrodes also help in penetrating thick clothing. This stun gun comes with a lifetime warranty.

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In today’s society it is best that you have a way to protect yourself at all times. One of the ways to do this is by having the best stun gun in your hand. They are great in neutralizing threat in an instant and give you ample time to run away or call for help.

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