The Best Night Vision Goggles

If you are planning on going on an outdoor trip and will most likely be spending the night out there in the wilderness then you might want to bring your own night vision goggles. The best night vision goggles are imperative tools for not only law enforcement and military but also hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who love spending time outdoors.

Four Types of Night Vision 

Night Vision Monocular

The night vision monocular is a single eye device unit that offers no magnification whatsoever. These are compact, lightweight and are a great choice for head mounting. The biggest strength of the night vision monocular is its versatility. It can be used to multitask. However, using a night vision monocular might take some time to get used to as you need both eyes open for it to be used to its maximum potential.

Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles allows both eyes for viewing and generally has no magnification as well. The biggest advantage of using night vision goggles is comfort and ease of use. Just put it on, turn it on and you’re ready to go. It also has great depth perception which is very important. The downside is its weight and size which makes it more tiring to wear.

Night Vision Binoculars

This one also allows for both eyes to be used and, as the name suggest, has built in magnification. This device does not come in head mount due to it being too heavy. If you need something that can let you scout areas safely in the cover of darkness then night vision binoculars are the way to go. The disadvantage to these devices is that most models are always zoomed in by default with no way to zoom out. If you are out in the open then this is a great piece of device to check your surrounding but don’t expect it to offer too much help indoors.

Night Vision Scopes

This one is similar to the monocular except for the fact that it offers magnification. You can also switch between day and night modes which makes it a great all around scope, especially for rifles. If you are a hunter, then investing in a high quality night vision scope might be a good idea.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of night vision equipment we now introduce the best night vision goggles available in the market today.

Best Night Vision Goggles — Top 5

ATN X-Sight II Night Vision Rifle Scope– $599.00

This is not your standard night vision rifle scope as it comes packed with advanced technology for added convenience. The ATN X-Sight II comes with GPS and Wi-Fi streaming. It can also be controlled using smart phone by using apps for iOS or Android devices.

For magnification it has the ability to zoom in at 3 – 14x magnification. This night vision scope also comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer. It is compatible for all hunting rifles and is a great gear for hunters as it can automatically start recording the moment you pull the trigger.

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Armasight NYX7-ID Gen 2 Night Vision Goggles – $1,695.00

The Armasight NYX7-ID Gen 2 Night Vision is an easy to use and ergonomic night vision head mount that is built to withstand the natural elements. It features auto brightness controls which removes the need to regularly tamper with the settings each time you switch environments. The rugged and compact design uses waterproof construction as well.

It can be worn via helmet or simply wear it over your head thanks to its adjustable straps. It uses a single lithium battery that comes with the package. This is a top of the line night vision goggles available at a highly affordable price.

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Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Goggle Kit – $255.99

The Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Goggles can be used as both a hand held and head mounted device. It is a compact and lightweight night vision goggles that is simple and easy to operate as well. It is equipped with multicoated optics and sturdy nylon and glass composite.

It features an integrated IR illuminator and also has an auto shut off when it is suddenly exposed to sunlight. This is actually a nice and welcome feature to have, especially during indoor operations as it can prevent the user from being stunned.

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Firefield Tracker Night Vision Binoculars – $349.97

The Firefield Tracker Night Vision Binoculars is pretty good tool for when you need to scout an area in pitch darkness. It uses the dual tube design which gives user far better depth perception than your standard binoculars. It uses top quality gen 1 image and resolution capabilities and uses high grade infrared illumination.

The ergonomic and compact design also makes it easier to bring this anywhere you go. The batteries can last for up to two days (with the IR turned off) and is definitely a tool that any hunter, military, law enforcement personnel or simply nature enthusiasts would welcome in their inventory.

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Firefield Tracker Night Vision Goggles – $463.99

The Firefield Tracker Night Vision Goggles can be both used as a handheld or head mounted device. As with most of Firefield’s goggles, this one produced high quality gen 1 imaging resolution. It also has the signature high grade infrared illuminator which is perfect for use in extremely dark surroundings.

As for the design it has that ergonomic style that feels quite comfortable to handle. It is also compact and can fit into most of your pouches and compartments. The head strap features a wraparound design as well as chin support to help keep the goggle in place even during excessive movement.

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For outdoor night activities and night time operations, having the ability to see in darkness can give you a huge advantage.  It can also keep you safe. Having the best night vision goggles at your disposal is one sure way to prevent accidents as well as keep you perfectly aware of your surroundings and any dangers present.

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