The Best Tactical Belt

If you are currently looking for the best tactical belt in the market then you might already know there are hundreds upon hundreds to choose from. Choosing the right one for you can be complicated and confusing. Fret not as we will help guide you towards the best one out there that will suit all your needs.

What You Should Look For

First of all, there are various types of tactical belts out there, not just one. Each of these is made for specific purposes. There are belts made for outdoor activities and others that are designed for military use. The first step you should take is determining where and for what activity you will be wearing the tactical belt on.

Each tactical belt will have their specific strengths. For example, an outdoor tactical belt has exceptional durability and is designed for heavy duty work. Before choosing it is best to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you need to carry belt mounted gun holsters?
  • Will you need to wear harnesses during said activity?

These two basic questions can help you focus on what specific type of tactical belt you will need. If you said yes to any of the above questions then try looking for an original instructor belt. However, if you have no need for belt mounted gun holsters but need the same level of durability then try looking for easy fit titanium instructor belts. If you only need a tactical belt that is durable and lightweight for daily use then try the frequent flyer tactical belt types.

The second aspect of the tactical belt that you should know is the stitching. You can choose between a 3-stitch and a 5-stitch belt. Basically, the more stitches the belt uses the heavier its weight carrying capability will be. If you will be hooking up various tools onto the belt then we highly recommend going for the 5-stitch tactical belt.

You might also take into account the width of your pant’s belt loop. You wouldn’t want to end up with a great tactical belt only to discover that it does not fit the belt loops on your pants. Finally, you should be well aware of your belt size. You should be accurate when it comes to the measure of your belt size so use a tape measure.

Those are the basic factors that you should take into account in order to help you choose the best tactical belt. Now, to further help guide you on your search we have compiled a list of the highest rated and most popular tactical belts in the market today. Check it out below.

The Best Tactical Belt — Top 5

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Tactical Belt

As stated on the name, this tactical belt is designed specifically for law enforcement use. It features double layer nylon construction that measures a 2 inches in width. The belt is also padded on the edge for enhanced comfort when worn. This padding prevents chaffing on the skin from constant movement which is a problem that certain belts have.

The belt utilizes interior polymer stiffener which increase its load bearing capability without causing the belt itself to bend and warp due to the weight. It also uses hook and loop lining that is made of durable nylon webbing. This tactical belt is designed to offer amazing durability to carry several tools while being flexible to offer comfort.

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UTG Heavy Duty Tactical Belt

The UTG Heavy Duty tactical belt uses a modern design and as such is infused with several great features. It is a highly recommended tactical belt for law enforcement and tactical units for use on the field. The belt uses reinforced threads and is double stitched together for added durability.

It uses the quick release buckle design system which is vital when you need to gain quick access to your gear during emergencies. The belt comes with two large horizontal magazine pouches that also utilize the easy buckle snap feature. The belt comes at a 2 inch width and can be adjusted to accommodate up to a 44 inch waist. This is a great looking tactical belt that focuses on practicality in the field.

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Propper Tactical Duty Belt

Simple and effective is the words best to describe the Propper Tactical Duty Belt. This tactical belt can be used for on and off duty activities. The belt is also made for use in any type of environment. It features molded belt buckles that allow the wearer for quick and easy adjustments even when on the go. It can hold down gear neatly keep everything in place.

This heavy duty tactical belt comes in at 1.5 inches and uses durable nylon material that can withstand bearing the weight of all your essential gear, and then some. If you are looking for a simple yet highly durable tactical belt that you can use for a long time then try out this one from Propper.

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Condor Tactical Belt

The Condor Tactical Belt is designed for use as a heavy duty all around tactical belt for both scouting and combat purposes. The tactical belt is equipped with two magazine pouches, a 2 inch wide quick release buckle that will allow you to get your equipment in a flash and is adjustable to 44 inch waists.

This tactical belt is designed for use by law enforcement and for certain outdoor activities as well. Not a belt for everyday use but is certainly a belt that you can rely on when you are on the field.

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5.11 TDU Tactical Belt

5.11 is a well-known brand when it comes to outdoor equipment and there is a reason why they are one of the premier brands in this category. All their products are amazingly well made and are high quality while also being affordable.

The TDU Tactical Belt is made of 100% nylon material construction. It also uses a non-metallic and low profile plastic buckle that can be put on and taken off quickly. The nylon webbing is made of heavy duty construction to ensure durability while also maintaining a decent amount of flexibility.

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The best tactical belt is something that offers not only comfort and security but also the ability to carry your important equipment easily and without issue. Hopefully, our list will help you decide which tactical belt will suit your needs perfectly. Tactical belts is an extremely helpful accessory that law enforcement, military and even outdoor enthusiasts should always have in their inventory.

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