The Best Tactical Shoes

The characteristics of the best tactical shoes are highly flexibility, comfort and durability. This footwear is designed to not only absorb punishment from the terrain but to also keep feet dry and comfortable throughout. This is far different from the work boot in that tactical shoes are significantly lighter. It also prides itself in offering extreme traction over all types of terrain.

But how do you choose the best tactical shoes in a market that is flooded with hundreds of products in the category? Well, there are key aspects that you should be aware of all of which we will discuss below before heading off to the best sellers in the market at the moment.

Here are some guidelines you should know before heading to your local shoe store:


Of course, this will always be the primary factor when choosing any footwear. Does it offer a comfortable and snug fit and does not give you any discomfort when worn? Do not purchase a tactical shoe if it feels uncomfortable in any part of your feat. Keep in mind that you will wear this mostly when traversing uneven and rough terrain, the last thing you want is to wear what will basically be a torture device for hours on end.

Type of Terrain

Where you will be going will also be considered when choosing a tactical shoe. Will it be rocky? Will there be need to climb vertical cliffs? Is it in a tropical climate area, rain forest or snowy terrain? There will be various types of tactical shoe that is designed to combat specific natural elements so look closely at what it offers and what it can do.

Finally, you should be aware that most footwear needs time to broken in. It will initially feel stiff and might even cause some discomfort. Try wearing it for a couple of days or a week before your camping or hiking trip. Wear comfortable socks to protect your feet from scraping as the materials within the shoe will most likely be hard and rough during the first few days of wearing it.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a tactical shoe, we have compiled a list of the top 5 options in the market today. This will give you a good idea of the top name brands to look for and will help you shorten your list further.

The Best Tactical Shoes– Top 5

Under Armour UA Valsetz RTS

under armour best tactical bootsThese boots are designed from the get go to deliver extreme comfort with no need to be broken in. The construction of the UA Valsetz focuses on giving convenience and comfort to the wearer while keeping toughness in check. It features a side zip that makes taking it off and wearing it quick and easy if you need to bug out in an instant.

It uses synthetic materials that are designed to be completely water resistant while still being breathable for the skin. It allows temperature within the boot to stay at a comfortable level thanks to the breathable mesh uppers. It also felt quite tough while still offering enough buffering for comfort. It uses a compression molded EVA midsole cushion that helps protect your sole from rocky surfaces and impacts while still being lightweight.

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5.11 Men’s Range Master Waterproof Tactical Shoes

This offers one of the highest levels of water resistance thanks to the inclusion of new technologies. It utilizes the eVent waterproof membrane that keeps moisture out but will let cool air in. The material used is also resistant to blood borne pathogens which further increase the security and safety in terms of health when you find yourself slogging through flooded areas.

It also uses a wide forefoot design that enhances your overall balance. This tactical boot also includes an arch lugs design which helps in climbing ladders and any type of rope work as it assist in keeping your feet secured atop small areas. This tactical boot also has a full-length CMEVA midsole which further promotes comfort and stability of the wearer.

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Voodoo Tactical Low Cut Boots

best tactical boots voodooThe slip-resistant Dura Grip outsole that is utilized by this tactical shoe is designed to provide a sure grip in a wide range of environments. These Voodoo Tactical Low Cut boots are available in regular and wide widths in sizes 7 to 13. After testing it out, we have also concluded that this is best used in dusty locales.

It features high waterproof capabilities as well but do not expect it to withstand being submerged in flooded areas. Heavy torrential downpour is about as much as it can handle in terms of waterproofing.

The traction this footwear offers is outstanding. Hiking over more dangerous terrains will test it to the limit but expect it to offer the highest stability and maneuverability at all times.

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Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 Tactical Training Shoes

The Reebok Crossfit Nano is one of the finest tactical training shoes around. It features anti-friction lining which helps prevent heat build up from long duration use and assist in keeping your feet dry and cool.

It has dual density cushioning which keeps pressure from taking its toll on your heels and an extremely durable and abrasion resistant rubber outsole which incorporates tiny teeth which helps enhance its traction. This is one of the best tactical shoes around if you are an athlete or simply a sports enthusiast and needs a shoe that can enhance your mobility exponentially.

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Adidas AX 2 MID GTX Tactical Shoe

best tactical shoes adidasWhen it comes to traction this hiking tactical boot works perfectly well on both concrete floors and dirt tracks. The support and shock absorption of the outsole also help in bringing a more comfortable hiking experience. We could even argue that wearing this boot feels as if we were wearing a soft fluffy pillow.

This boot is also 100% waterproof so no worries about having to pass over flooded or water way areas. If you are an outdoor lover and loves the challenge found in conquering perilous mountain ranges or simply wants to have a reliable footwear when it comes to hiking then this tactical shoe from Adidas is as good as it gets.

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There you have it, the top 5 best tactical shoes on the market right now. There are dozens more out there each with its specific strengths and unique features. Be sure to purchase one from official retailers to ensure the quality of the shoes. Tactical shoes are great not only for outdoor use but for everyday use as well.

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